What is a Torrent File?

Understanding what is a torrent file and what the attributes of one are is very important. Not everyone will understand that they are a way to transfer files without using a normal file transfer program. You can set this up on your computer by yourself with software and some basic skills and you can take care of your movie, music or anything else that you want to transfer. Many people think that torrents are limited to a few popular movies or just torrents of video games. This is definitely not true.

what is a torrent file

There are several ways that you can transfer a file using a torrent. The most popular is the “downlinking” method, which means that the computer will send out bits of the file to other computers that it connects to. The file is actually the only thing that is downloaded because other software has already pre-configured the link so that the file can be downloaded. This means that if you have hundreds of files that you want to share, then this method can really help you get a lot of people on board with the idea of being a contributor to your site.

The second method is the “upload file” method. This is when you upload a file onto a file sharing site such as a BitTorrent. The same as when you downlink file, but instead of sending bits to other computers, this is when you upload a file. You send it to all the computers that are on the same network as the BitTorrent. This means that when you upload a file it has the possibility of being redistributed and shared by many people. Therefore, you will be getting traffic, downloads and eventually you may make a sale or make a profit. This is called the income stream.