Top 10 Scary Movies With Double Features

Top 10 scary movies with double features are usually what movie fans have in mind when they think of a double feature. Sometimes, these happen to be the best films of the year, and sometimes they aren’t. One such double feature comes from 1999’s The Ring. The dark comedy about a girl who must battle evil ghosts haunted by her past is considered a classic for a reason. It gets better after the movie is over, however. A sequel to the film was made, and it became the top horror film of the decade.

There is no lack of horror movies with double features that would make any fan of the genre drool over the idea of watching it again. Some of the most well known of the double features come from the director of Halloween, Wes Craven. The Nightmare On Elm Street movies also get a lot of love. People love them for their suspense and cheesy quotable lines. Other double features have Halloween and Michael Myers, but with different twists on each.

If you are a horror film fan, you have to watch both Halloween and A Nightmare On Elm Street as well as a double feature of them. This will help you avoid any ideas about what you will see on the big screen. The only problem is that not everyone can afford to go to every major movie theater in the country to see these. So what can you do? Many people use the internet. You can download some of the best movies on the internet to watch on your computer. Then, you can watch all of the horror movies you want at your leisure.