Using Blogs As a Top 10 Archive

There are some who can debate about what is the best place to keep an archive. A personal blog is always nice for keeping up with news and updates on your writing skills, but others like to use journals are often placed in libraries. While using a personal blog to archive your writing is nice, there are so many other great ways to organize an archive that it is always a good idea to see what other options you have out there. You can start by taking a look at what you are currently using. Some people prefer to use a journal or diary and they can make use of it as an archive. Others just prefer to use some kind of media in their bookmarks.

There are also blogs that can be set up to act as their own personal blogs that can be used as an archive. This way if you get tired of writing it will not feel like you are alone in your struggles with your writing. There are many different resources that can be found out there. Not only can you use your computer, but you can also archive your writing on the web through websites such as

When you are writing something you want to be able to write it down because it is one thing that is forgotten when the time is up. Being able to take a minute and record your thoughts on a journal or notebook will make you aware of things that may have been missed the first time around. This way you can come back to it and be able to write it down properly and correctly the second time around so that you do not miss anything the first time around.