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At moneyextra.com, we believe its the small things that can make the big differences.

Did you know that if you put aside £1 a day for the duration of your working life, you’d have almost £15,000 to look forward to? That’s not even having to give up one coffee – that’s what you’d save switching to a medium coffee from a large one.

Imagine the change you can make to your finances if you think about every pound, and every penny. This isn’t just about having a nice savings account, this is about your life – and how you can live it better with a few smart choices, and a bit of help from us.

Picture Christmas with a few more presents under the tree, and no concern over that credit card bill while you’re carving the turkey. When planning your holiday, think world cruises instead of Whitby, or the Bahamas instead of Brighton.

More time eating out with friends instead of sat at home staring at a budget spreadsheet; a clear plan for retirement instead of a “wait and see” tactic that’ll only leave you stressed; even something as simple as buying both those pairs of jeans in a shop, rather than having to choose between them – that’s why we do what we do.

You work hard for your money – you deserve to enjoy it.

With moneyextra.com, you can make plans for a better financial future:

  • We’ll give you all the information you need to make suitable financial decisions
  • Where we can, we’ll give advice and opinion, and also take some of the work off your hands
  • Where that’s not possible, we’ll point you to the most trusted people who can help

That’s it – it’s very simple. We don’t charge anything for using moneyextra.com, therefore you can just find the details that are useful and relevant to you.

We know that your priorities with money change depending on where you are in life, which is why we’ve created guides that are tailored to all life stages. If you don’t know where to start, then these pages will provide some inspiration on the kind of financial topics you should be thinking about.

About us: Johnny Cashstrapped Jnr, the youngest member in the moneyextra.com family
About us: Journey Shrinker, the young adult in the moneyextra.com family
About us: Chance and Bill Shrinker, our married midlifers in the moneyextra.com family
About us: Johnny Cashstrapped and Penny Pincher, the wise elders in the moneyextra.com family

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