Midlife is more likely than not the most complex financial time of your life, as you balance the family budget with the experiences you don’t want to miss out on. At this period of time, even the smallest of savings can be a life-saver. It’s also the time in life to start thinking about pensions, and life after work, to make sure you’re fully equipped for mature life.
We’ve all heard of a mid-life crisis, and moneyextra.com is here to prevent a financial mid-life crisis. More likely than not, you will have more people than just yourself to look after, with a strong chance of you being responsible financially for family members. It may also be the time in your life you have been waiting for to treat yourself, so we are here to make sure you can do so, for the lowest cost as possible.
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With a home to heat and appliances to power, getting the best deal on your utilities can really save the pounds now more than ever. Midlife is the period in life in which most look to buy houses and make bigger investments in property with the aim to settle, so spending as little as possible on utility bills for the house can give you more money to spend on other things to make your house a home. Not forgetting that with a family, you now may have double the outgoings. Whether it be buying that extra TV, or needing that extra load of laundry, it may not just be you that you have to pay for now!

We are all aware of classic ways of reducing our bills, from switching unnecessary lights off to not leaving the TVs on standby. Yet the best way of saving money on utility bills is shopping around for the best value tariff for you and your family – or even better, getting someone to do it for you.

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If you’ve taken a loan or mortgage out in recent years, opened a Packaged Bank Account, or had a flight delay, you could be owed money. Furthermore, if you’ve had medical problems or injury you could also be eligible for compensation. There are many claims people can make that they simply aren’t aware of. Midlife can be taxing at the best of times, so a potential lump sum from a claim can’t really be missed.

Using the help and advice from moneyextra.com, you can find out all the information on the different types of claim you can make.

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Dealing with debt

If you aren’t careful with your money, it can be quite easy to fall into debt, with endless direct debits, credit card bills piling up and outgoings you simply can’t manage. Of course for many people it’s not your own fault either – financial situations can change for all kinds of reasons, and it can be hard to get yourself back on track and on the way back out of debt, especially with the overload of information you may get.

Here at moneyextra.com, we aim to give the most helpful advice for those struggling with debt. From information on Debt Management Plans (DMPs) and Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs) to advice and support about bailiff visits and bankruptcy, moneyextra.com can be of great use.

Use our dealing with debt pages to search and find out all you need to know about debt and potential solutions here.

Vouchers and shopping

Who doesn’t love a bargain? Being financially astute in your Midlife can mean a lot more relaxing and a lot less stress. Having a vast armoury of vouchers and shopping tips can mean you get the best deals and the most from your money.

Whether it be the ‘big shop’, retail therapy, or simply just the boring old essential purchases, it pays to be aware of the bargains. At moneyextra.com, we find the latest vouchers and shopping tips to allow you to make the most of your money. There’s discounts on eating out and travelling as well, so take your pick.

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Financial Services

moneyextra.com provides all kinds of information on relevant financial services for Midlife. From help on building your pension fund before you retire, information on life insurance and wills to make sure they are organised appropriately, as well as investment options and saving guidance, moneyextra.com is your first stop when it comes to astute financial advice.

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