Growing up is never fun – less time to do the things you like, and more responsibilities to deal with. But the one thing that does tend to get better is your money – you’ll find you start getting more of it, as you get your first jobs or student loans, and you’ll be more in control of how you spend it.
At you’ll find help and tips on ways you can save money and enjoy more of the things you love, letting you stretch that pocket money or wage packet even further.

Vouchers & shopping

Whether it’s hunting out the best bargains on clothes or searching for savings on phone tariffs or music and video games, we’ve partnered with some fantastic online stores to help you get a great deal when you’re shopping.

If you like to get out and about with your mates, you can also find cheaper cinema tickets and vouchers to help you save money on a bite to eat. There are some great options for discounts whether you’re treating yourself or you just want to save when you socialise.

Find out more about some of the vouchers and shopping deals available to you here.


As you get into the older Tween years, chances are you’ll be thinking about a first holiday with your friends. The chance to go abroad and soak up some sun, have a laugh and try out the partying lifestyle is an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

There are some important things to think about at first – including making sure you’ve got proper travel insurance, and that you get the best deal on currency exchange. These might sound boring, but doing a bit of planning before you buy your Euros (or whichever currency you need) can be the difference between an extra night out and a quiet night by the pool.

Find the best currency deals for your holiday now here – and be sure to let your friends know too.

Financial services

No one really wants to think about savings accounts and loans when you’re young. Actually, the secret is no one really wants to think about this stuff whatever age you are. But we need to, sadly, as it’ll help us make the most of money and prepare for times when we might be a little short of cash.

There are specialist savings accounts available to young people that can offer a really strong rate of interest, compared to similar standard accounts open to anyone. These Junior ISAs are definitely worth looking into if you have a decent first job wage you’re looking to put away, or you’re given money from a relative.

On the flip side, if you’re thinking about university or some other college courses it’s best to be realistic about the kind of debt you’ll get into. With accommodation, course fees and living costs to consider, it can be an expensive time – and you’ll need to know what to expect and how to deal with the debts.

To find out more about student debts, click here.

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