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February Half Term Activities

I love half term, the time with the family, recuperating from a hectic term and the mandated holiday from work. Looking after the kids during this time makes it essential you’re unplugged from the corporate beast. You care for and have fun with the very reasons you work in the first place. However, as much […]


10 charming and cheap Valentine’s Day gifts

We all love to love on Valentine’s Day but for those who like to live frugally or are living on a budget it can feel like there’s a lot of pressure to spend money. Before you buy gifts check out our vouchers and shopping pages for some fantastic Valentine’s offers. However if you would prefer […]


The best day to book a money saving all-inclusive holiday

If you’ve ever tried to grab a reduced bargain at the supermarket or bought anything on an auction site such as eBay, you’ll know that sometimes getting a good deal is all just a matter of timing. For all-inclusive holidays this rule also applies. But it’s not always a matter of how far in advance […]


The head lice headache

As a parent, one of our biggest headaches is head lice. Term started up again last week and already our daughter brought them home! We check her hair regularly and recently we all treated ourselves as a precautionary measure. There are hundreds of treatments available and we’ve spent hundreds of pounds on treatments last year […]


Is the daily school run putting you out of pocket?

A surprising new study by Motorpoint has revealed that fuel costs can cause financial hardship for almost a fifth of parents. The survey found that 17% of parents felt the school run was putting real strain on their family’s finances with the additional petrol costing the household over £300 a year alone. With yearly trips […]


So, you’re buying a new car? What next?

You’ve decided you’re getting a new car. Whether through need, or want, you’ve started the search for the car that’s right for you. Only now do you find out the true extent of the cost. At first, you may balk at the price of the car nowadays, yet there are ways in which most people […]


Brexit: Bad for your bucks?

With 52% of the voting population of the UK opting for a Brexit back in June 2016 many people aren’t sure what will happen to them, and often more importantly, their finances. Mortgages Fears that Brexit would mean large rises in interest rates have actually been proven to be premature. Before June, the government predicted that some […]


Payday on Ebay?

When you need that extra surge of cash, or are thinking about starting your own business, Ebay can be a really useful tool. Ebay is an online auctioning site that practically anyone can use over the age of 18.  Not only can you sell, but you can also buy things. Below is a guide not […]


Air miles more than you think from Tesco Clubcard

Way back in 2013, I wrote the blog (below) highlighting all the ways I planned to save Virgin Atlantic air miles for a once in a lifetime holiday to America. My goal was to pay for one of three airline tickets with air miles to make the family trip more affordable. Here is an update […]


Student Guide – Don’t be daft with your overdraft

An overdraft allows you to draw out/use money that currently isn’t in that your bank account. Usually seen to help those whose cash flow leaves them skint, or for emergency situations. However, most banks offer students an overdraft with their student accounts. In times of student hardship, where 12p baked beans are a staple meal, an overdraft […]

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