Holidays are one of the luxuries that allow us to escape from our daily lives. For many people a holiday is something they looked forward to for months, and it costs a lot. That’s why it can be extremely annoying and upsetting when something goes wrong while travelling.

Sometimes, we accept this as normal for a holiday, taking the issues and hold ups in our stride. Yet most don’t realise that they shouldn’t accept these, and significant claims can be made. Whether you suffered delays, illness, injury or grievances out of your control, you should check to see if you’re eligible to claim against your holiday providers.


Unfortunately many different things can go wrong, it’s not uncommon for a holiday to have issues to overcome. Some of these, like the weather suddenly turning from tropical to torrid, can’t be helped. But sometimes the problems are down to the fault of others, and you could be entitled to compensation.

How to apply for a holiday claim

You need to apply common sense when working out if you’re due compensation. You can’t claim against a travel agent for telling you the sun would shine when it rained for a week, but you can claim if the travel agent tells you your hotel is exceptional luxury and you turn up to find a building site.

Illness abroad spoils your break, and if you prove poor hygiene at your hotel is a factor then you could have a valid claim. (Look for multiple guests in the same hotel falling ill, and document any poor practices from hotel staff.)

Cruise ships have the occasional outbreak of viral infections. Cruises make fantastic holidays and you shouldn’t not book, but if you are unlucky and spend part of your voyage quarantined in your cabin then you rightly want to get some of your money back.

Accidents that weren’t your fault or if you were the victim of any criminal activity are other circumstances where you may be due holiday compensation. Visit Holiday Travel Watch and find out more about making a complaint about your holiday.

Our sister organisation’s primary objective is to assist holidaymakers and travellers who have suffered as a result of travel problems. They are a resource, providing up to date information, advice and assistance to those who need it. With their experienced team on hand to take calls and emails they deal with hundreds of consumers a month.Primarily they’ll try where possible to guide the holidaymaker to resolve their complaints but they also promote health and safety warnings to the traveller.


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