Breakdown cover gives you peace of mind when out on the roads – if anything happens to your car, you’ve got support available to either get your car up and running again, or to transport it to a mechanic with better resources whilst making sure you get home.
It’s nice not only to know that you’re covered, but also that you’re getting the best price for that cover. Below have accrued some of the best deals and offers to help you make the most from your money when buying breakdown cover.
Breakdown Insurance

When you’re trying to save money, breakdown cover should never be viewed as a luxury. Paying a small premium is much less painful than a huge recovery bill if your car breaks down on the side of the road when you aren’t covered.

Whether you’re a Tween who has just bought (or been bought) their first car and you want your first breakdown cover, or you in Adulthood and you want to make sure you’re getting the best deal on your policy, it’s worth shopping around.

The cost of breakdown cover

Breakdown cover isn’t a standard product – it’s not just about finding the cheapest price. There are different levels of cover of varying quality, so it’s important you find a reputable service that offers everything you need.

Some breakdown cover companies also offer more specialised products for certain vehicles, including vans, motorbikes and even specific cover for classic cars. Different vehicles have different needs and it’s important you make sure you’ve chosen a plan that is suitable.

Personal cover is also available, should you want to pay for cover for yourself rather than your specific vehicle – useful if you’re a family who share cars and you think that you might want cover for multiple vehicles, or you regularly hire cars through work.

There’s also dedicated cover for anyone who drives to Europe on a regular basis. Some breakdown plans will include basic assistance in an EU country as standard but for anyone who regularly drives to the continent you may want to consider something more substantial.

What’s included in breakdown cover?

There are many different policies available with a range of features. More ‘standard’ features include:

  • Roadside assistance with recovery (usually within a set mileage)
  • Accident recovery
  • Key assist, if you lose your keys or lock them in the car

Upgrade to a better package and you can also enjoy a range of benefits:

  • Nationwide recovery
  • Cover at home, if you can’t get it to start
  • Alternative transport allowance and overnight accommodation cover
  • Free legal expenses in the case of accidents
  • Mobile apps to report a breakdown with GPS tracking showing your exact location

You might be paying more than you need to for breakdown cover. You need to think about how far you regularly travel and what services you most need in order to be sure you get the most suitable cover for your needs.

If you’re looking for breakdown cover, the team at can offer a financial concierge service to help find the best service for you. Give the team or call or send an email with your requirements and the specialists will help you to find the cheapest quote possible without compromising on the service you need.

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