Top 10 Anime Opening Movies

The top 10 anime openings of all time are as follows. No.10 is Blood-C, which was a re-done remake of the original movie by director Shinya Tsukamoto. No.9 is Tenchi Muyo, which was a great movie for its time and was one of the first I can recall that had a huge supernatural bent to it. No.8 is a movie that has to be seen to be believed in the movie Tears in the Rain. No.7 is Night On Bald Mountain, another one of the early Kamen Rider movies. No.6 is Magical Princess Yucie, which is also known as My Neighbor Totoro.

The anime movies that have been the most controversial have to be The Blue Water Witch, which were made by a female director and was a huge surprise at the time, and Gotengo, which are basically a variation on the story of Anne of Green Gables, with a girl-power twist. The last movie that has to be on the list is Kanon, which I think is the only thing I’ve ever seen that makes me watch the next episode of my favorite show over again.

In the end, one of the biggest lessons we can take from the top anime movie is that it’s okay to do what you want with your art. If you want to play around with the format and look at different art styles and color palettes, go for it. If you want to just make something up and say that it’s a good piece of art, go ahead. Whatever you do, just make sure you put your heart into it and don’t worry about the media value of your movie.